The Community

Continuing our collaboration with Kilian Waters and Daniel Keane of Arcade Film; Run of the Mill’s Artistic Director Aisling Byrne developed and workshopped a screenplay titled ‘The Community’ which is inspired by the stage production ‘Singing for Survival’. With a writers group that included six creatives with intellectual disabilities ‘The Community’ is a film about the occupants of a residential centre who are preparing to graduate to a life in The Community. However a recent incident threatens to unravel the tightly spun certainties that governs their existence.

Screenwriters Group Aisling Byrne, Daniel Keane, Kilian Waters, Jackie O’ Hagan, Florina Conroy, Mark Smith, Wesley Fairbrother, Michelle Brennan. 

Art Direction Owen Boss

Performer Collaborators
Kate Gilmore, Ger Kelly, Barry O Connor.

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