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Rema is an artist and producer, with a background in advocacy and digital campaigning.

Their grassroots practice, coupled with their study of Public Advocacy and Activism at the Huston School of Film & Digital Media, has enabled them to fortify their activism with historical know-how and hone their skills in effective and meaningful advocacy.

Working as a Digital Campaigner with Uplift has provided them with valuable insights into the process of changing viewpoints, and the effectiveness of media when used correctly to facilitate such change.

In this role, they gained an understanding of how policies are created, and more importantly, how they can break down in the real world. 

Working with groups across Ireland and Europe has allowed them to appreciate the nuances and complexities of raising issues and creating dynamic solutions that enable change to happen. It was through this work with grassroots groups that their professional practice began to intertwine with their art.


Rema views production (particularly event production) as a wonderful tool for facilitating community, constructive conversation and platforming people. 

Through seminars, fundraisers, photoshoots, videos and gatherings; one can create an atmosphere where folks feel like they can truly share and be themselves and, if nothing else, Rema wants to be able to elevate people within themselves to share their stories, experiences and viewpoints.

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