Award Winning Inclusive Arts


Run of the Mill is committed to creating a platform for the stories, artistic expressions and talents of intellectually disabled people in the arts in Ireland. We strive to make work of high artistic quality that is entertaining, ambitious, impactful and visible on our stages and our screens.

We believe that the arts are a powerful tool for social change – through amplifying unheard voices and the sharing of new perspectives. We champion the rights of our participants and artists to be involved meaningfully in the arts and we advocate for increased accessibility for learning disabled artists across the sector. We work towards making the landscape of arts practice in Ireland a more inclusive one.



The Engine Room

The Engine room is a 6-month artist development programme offering 13 participants the opportunity to think, develop and grow their artistic practice.


Headspace is a short film from Run of the Mill Arts and Arcade Film Supported by the Arts Council of Ireland.  

Making a Mark

Award-winning autobiographical theatre production.


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