Singing For Survival

In collaboration with Pathways Day Service St. John of God Community Services Liffey Region. Supported by the Arts Council, Kildare County Council.

A near future. A wasteland. In the time between Before and After, a group of contestants reside in a place known only as The Centre. When the promise of a better future beckons beyond the walls, they must prepare for the opportunity of a lifetime. But are they really singing for their shot? Or are they singing for their survival?

Set in a dystopian reality where people with disabilities are relocated to work centres while they await transfer into an imagined new community.

Singing for Survival was a provocative satire devised and performed by an ensemble of actors from Run of the Mill in collaboration with Pathways Day Service, Maynooth, Co. Kildare.

Cast – Mark Smith, Wesley Fairbother, Lauren Larkin, Ella Jane Moore, Jane Ryan, Neil Coffey, Maurice Coll, Aisling Coyne, John Egan, Bert Coster, Paul O’ Neill, Angela Brennan, Aine Gibbons, Florina Conroy,Michelle Brennan, Teresa Flood, Conor Begley

Writer and Director Aisling Byrne

Co-Devised by The Ensemble

Sound Design Sinead Diskin

Set and Costumes Design Sarah Foley

Film Design Arcade Film

Lighting Design Eoin Winning 

Production Manager Eoin Kilkenny

Stage Manager Ursula McGinn

Assistant Director Joan Somers Donnelly


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